Episode 4: The Mighty Arvin

Welcome to the fourth episode of the Shaun Talks Movies podcast! This week, I sit down with Arvin Tabula to talk about some of his favorite movies. We talk about some of the flicks I've seen recently before delving into the best basketball movies in tribute to March Madness. Finally, we get a true sense of Arvin's livelihood from his three picks at the end of the episode. Arvin also managed to talk me into a brand new segment for the show, so be on the listen for the inaugural play of "Fangirl." 

Here's a look at some of the major topics of discussion on this episode: 
Back to the Future
Coach Carter
Cuban Fury
Fraggle Rock: The Movie
The Gunman

The Hunger Games
Jaws in Japan
Kingsman: The Secret Service
The Mighty Ducks
Moonrise Kingdom
Run All Night
Song of the Sea
Space Jam

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