Episode 51: Danielle's Wish

Welcome to the 51st guest episode of the Shaun Talks Movies podcast! I welcome Danielle Giuseponi as we discuss some of her favorite movies. We start with some of the more recent flicks she's watched, including Fifty Shades Darker and a constant favorite in Blue Is the Warmest Colour. We also delve into some of her earlier movie memories that include watching Forrest Gump, Nosferatu, and some of her favorite movies discussed on the back half of the episode, such as White ChristmasOn the Town, and Avatar. We also have a heated discussion about the quality of movies like Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and La La Land

We also spend a good portion of time discussing Danielle's own personal endeavors as an actor/director/producer/writer/makeup artist. We talk about her feature acting debut (2016's The Curfew Gang) as well as her own directorial debut (Ophelia's Wish) that's currently in pre-production. She ever has her own IMDb page (click here)!

Enjoy the episode!