Episode 52: Christopher's Travels

Welcome to Episode 52! I sit down with Chris Bowles to talk about some of his favorite movies and delve into his past to find out what movies have affected and influenced him over the course of his life. 

We talk a slew of recent movies, including The Lego Batman Movie; Get Out; Silence; Kong: Skull Island; and Arrival. 

We also determine that some of the movies that influenced him in his younger days include: The Brave Little Toaster; Hook; Raiders of the Lost Ark; The Nightmare Before Christmas; The Mummy; and King Kong. 

We have a prolonged discussion about some of his favorite filmmakers, ranging from Philip Seymour Hoffman and Paul Thomas Anderson to John Huston and Denis Villeneuve. 

Finally, we discuss some of his all-time favorite movies: Pinocchio; Sullivan's Travels; and Magnolia.