Episode 55: Dino's Handsome Junket

Episode 55 welcomes back Dino Battaglia, the first-ever guest from the Shaun Talks Movies podcast!

We start by discussing some of his recent watches, including Power Rangers, Rogue One, and the Star Wars prequels. Then we delve into his past to discuss some childhood favorites including The Brave Little Toaster, FernGully, and E.T. The conversation takes a bit of a turn and we get onto a tangent about La La Land for a bit, but it's pretty entertaining.

Finally, we get ourselves to the meat of the show. Rather than have Dino recant his three favorite movies like he did on his first go-around. Instead, we talk about Handsome: A Netflix Mystery Movie, in which he will be appearing this week! The movie drops this Friday (May 5) only on Netflix, so be sure to check it out!

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