On this week's episode, Marc talks about his ongoing lady troubles, and Shaun drops a bombshell that apparently everybody already knew! They also recap Thanksgiving and briefly mention net neutrality to keep things current. 

Here's the link to the personality test that the guys discuss in the episode. Take it yourself before the next episode drops!



On this week's episode, Marc talks about being smitten, and Shaun offers a master class in "vague-booking." The guys also discuss why movies and music are so important to them as well as talking about some things they're thankful for in preparation for the Thanksgiving holiday. Enjoy!


Welcome to the third episode of Guys Don't Cry!

On this week's episode, Marc and Shaun catch up on the past two weeks of their lives, discussing root canals, anxiety, and long-forgotten memories. 

This episode also features our first topic discussion: sports and emotion. In the wake of Marc's Dodgers losing the World Series, the guys wanted to talk about sports-related feelings and emotions they'd had throughout their lives. 

Enjoy the show!


Welcome to the first episode of a brand new podcast called Guys Don't Cry. This show will feature hosts Marc and Shaun as they delve into the realm of their own feelings and emotions. 

On this episode, the guys talk about their collective experiences of 2017, each of which included a bit of heartbreak and major life changes.